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Data quality assurance is critical for registries importing data from providers. The OIS Data Quality Assurance (DQA) tool is the result of a collaborative effort between several registries. Initial development began in the Spring of 2011 by the Texas immunization registry, ImmTrac, with a goal of creating a data quality process to augment their new HL7 interface.

Original DQA Vision Document (PDF)

Testing Process

The testing process for the DQA and IIS is described in the following documents:

Release Notes

Release 1.08 - October 16, 2014

This release includes several critical improvements to the functionality of the DQA.

Submission Process

A new process has been added to support an internal submission queue. This new submission process matches function of the original file submission process and allows additional methods of importing data into the DQA. In addition an upload interface has been added to the admin menu to allow for uploading into this submission table, and to check on the status of all submissions.

Database Cleanup

Support has been added for automatic an regular removal of data from the DQA database. This is important as otherwise the amount of data stored by the DQA continues to grow as data is inserted. The DQA was built to be able to progressively delete data starting from that which was most detailed and continue to provide good information at the aggragate level. The cleanup can be configured and scheduled in the admin menu.

IIS Data Quality Support

Added initial support for the American Immunization Registry (AIRA) data quality project for IIS. This required adding new validations and support for a simplified flat-file format.

Patch Release Notes

Patch 1.08.02 - October 16, 2014

Release 1.06 - August 20, 2013

The following improvements were made:

Release 1.05 - November 14, 2012

The largest change in this release was the addition of support for recording the status of remote Simple Message Movers. This change was for the deployment and support of IHS installation of the SMM.

In addition the following bug fixes were made:

Release 1.04 - October 8, 2012

Improved Invalid Validation

The largest change in this version is a revision to how CVX, CPT, MVX and vaccine product concepts are validated. Previous to this version a code could be invalidated for either being an invalid code outright, or because the vaccination event it was associated with was on a date that was outside the expected or required code use dates. This caused some confusion and problems because a single code could be valid in some situations and valid in others. This violated the idea common to all codes that a code is either valid or invalid in it's own right. Other isssue might be determined but these were not validity per se.

This release introduces two new flavors of issues:

Normally an invalid issue would trigger an error and an unexpected will trigger a warning.

In relation to historical codes, these new issues would only be triggered or checked for on administered vaccinations. To mark a code as invalid for historical, the only method currently available is to mark the code globally invalid in the template code received table. In this case this code will not be valid for reporting any vaccination, at any time, either for historical or administered. It is expected that very few of these codes will be considered to be outright invalid.

Improved Tracking for Vaccine Product

Vaccine Product is a derived value from the vaccine administered and the manufacturer indicated. This value is only determined for administered vaccinations. Previous to this version, unrecognized combinations were noted with an issue but no other information. This version now logs all CVX-MVX combinations as a new code received, as if the sender sent it in the message. This then allows the codes sent to appear on the DQA report for troubleshooting.

Database Version

A new table has been created to track the current database version and logs made during database upgrade. The table has the following format:

Table dqa_database_log:

Minor Bug Fixes

Also address a few minor issues:

Sprint Review Presentation (Open Office Impress Format)

Release 1.03 - September 7, 2012

This release only a couple of changes:

Sprint Review Presentation (Open Office Impress Format)

Release 1.02 - August 11, 2012

After a two month hiatus to focus on other open source projects the next release of DQA has been finished. This release has the following improvements and fixes:

Several items have been postponed for the next release:

We are also working to install a Bugzilla to handle bug/improvement tracking. We hope to have this installed in the coming week. This should help us keep organized going forward.

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The next release is planned for the beginning of September.

Release 1.1

The next release is scheduled for May 1st and will include significant UI improvements supported by a new web service layer.

Release 1.0

The final release of the initial development effort was released April 3, 2012. It is available to build from the /ois-dqa/interface/wicket/branches/v1_00 SVN folder. This release resolves the following issues identified in the previous release 0.12.