Open Immunization Software - Spring 2016

Admin User Manual

Developer Manual


The admin configuration user interface is accessible at /config from the root of the running DQA. The username and password for entry are defined in the DQA_USER_ACCOUNT table and should have been setup when the DQA was installed. After logging in, you should see somethink like this:


This main page lists all the applications the DQA is pre-configured to support. From this point there are three main areas of action that can be taken:

Edit Template

Displays the details on the template and allows for setting the report definition that is used on this template. If the template is not correctly formatted an error will be displayed. In order for the DQA report to work properly a valid DQA Report Definition must be entered here.


Lists details of internal threads that process incoming and outgoing data. Use this page to check on the status of the DQA and troubleshoot issues.


Allows for setting keyed values for the currently selected application. All values left blank will take on their default values.


If data is changed on the database, the DQA is not automatically aware of that. Clicking reload will refresh cached values.


Allows for testing the weekly batch process and weekly export process. This is to facility quality testing and verification that the process works. Simply put a date in either of these boxes that is in the future and the weekly batch process will be started as if it were that day.