Open Immunization Software - Spring 2016



Open Source Projects

Texas Children's Hospital

In 2010 Texas Children's Hospital developed an immunization forecaster for use within their hospital and associated physician's network. The forecaster has been in use for over two years now and continues to be maintained and improved. In 2011, at the 45th National Immunization Conference, Nathan Bunker shared details on how this immunization forecaster was built. Texas Children's Hospital is looking for ways to share their knowledge and expertise with the wider community.

Currently the software development efforts of the TCH team are divided into three software applications:

TCH Forecaster

This application is available under a TCH open source license to public and private health entities. Please contact Texas Children's Hospital for information on how to obtain a copy of the forecaster.

TCH Forecast Connector

This application is available under an Apache 2 license and is hosted on Source Forge. You can check out and build the project or find the jar here:

TCH Forecast Tester

This application is hosted publicly by TCH and is available to all health and technical professionals who wish to compare and test forecasters. New users must first register before receiving access. The application has also been released under open source and is hosted on Source Forge.