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AIRA Web Service Workgroup

Michelle Barbar from ALERT, the Oregon IIS, and Kristen Forney from CIR, the New York City IIS, is hosting a series of monthly calls to work on web service issues. I am acting as a liaison for the group to the ARIA Standards and Interoperability Steering Committee (SISC). The first meeting was held on Monday, April 16, 2012.

Real-Time Questionnaire

The group created a simple questionnaire to gather information about the attributes of real-time systems currently in place in order to determine if the attribute definitions were a good capture for what is really going on in the field. Please review the results of your survey to be sure they are posted correctly. If you have corrections or would like to add your IIS to the list please fill out the survey and return to AIRA.

Report on call Monday, April 16, 2012

The first order of business was to get a roll call of participants and asked them to indicate where they are at with web services and to find out what they hoped to get from the workgroup meetings. On the call were participants from the following IIS and organizations:

After this the suggestion was made that one of the result of this meeting could be a set of vocabulary or definitions as this would be a good starting point to any discussion. There was also some discussion about having different IIS present at each meeting with an update about where they are at, issues they have had, and problems they have solved.

After some house keeping items there was 20 minutes left to the meeting so initial discussion into vocabulary was started. The group discussed the meaning of real-time and to whether this indicate synchronicity or a set amount of time. One participant noted that some of this work to define these terms had already been done last year by the TLEP work group, and could serve the basis as a start for us. It was also noted that these definitions were very narrowly focused on transport only and were very technical. Our definitions might need to encompass a few non-transport specific issues and be more user friendly. The assignment was given for all the work group to send in their definitions of real-time so that we could review how much variation there is "out in the wild."