Open Immunization Software - Spring 2016



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Immunization Registry Tester

This project grew out of efforts to test the new CDC SOAP transport protocol that was put together this year. The Immunization Registry Tester supports three basic functions:

Get Test Account

A version of the Immunization Registry Tester is hosted here: To be given an access account, please contact Nathan Bunker.

Build and Install Locally

The Immunization Registry Tester can be installed and run directly. Currently it is a NetBeans project and runs under GlassFish. In the future this will be converted to a project that will work under Eclipse and can be run under Jetty or Tomcat.

  1. Download and install Netbeans. This should include GlassFish. If it does not you will need to download and install GlassFish too.
  2. Check out project from Source Forge SVN.
  3. Open and modify the init() method in the org.immunizationsoftware.messaging.client.Authenticate class to include a line that reads something like this: addUser("username", "password") and add your username and password. The tester does not use a database and this is where you set your credentials to gain access.
  4. Deploy this project. Right click on project and choose deploy. This should deploy it under GlassFish.
  5. Navigate to http:/locahhost:port/ImmMessagingClient/LoginServlet and login using the creditials you set in the previous