Open Immunization Software - Spring 2016



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Road Map

Interfacing usually requires the cooperation four independent entities:

  1. State or Local IIS Project
  2. Immunization Provider
  3. IIS Vendor
  4. EHR Vendor

Good communication, adherence to national standards help this process work well.

IIS Onboarding Meeting

Report for in-person meeting in Decatur Georgia, July 26-27, 2012.

Meeting Goal: : Identify promising practices and recommendations for IIS related to the provider onboarding process for bidirectional data exchange.

Meeting Objectives: Develop detailed documentation of the message validation and data quality business processes used by IIS when onboarding a new provider for bidirectional data exchange. As time allows, document EHR requirements for consuming a vaccine history and forecast message from the IIS.

This meeting was initiated to focus on real-time bi-directional exchanges and the process that needs to be followed to onboard such a provider. In the past the IIS onboarding processes were centered around batches of data sent by a provider. Now with bi-directional real-time interfaces the requirements for onboarding have changed drastically. The goal of this meeting was to document and propose the gold standard for doing this process based on the group's current experiences of what has worked well.

The majority of the time was spent discussing two process flows. The first was to model the process of approving a vendor to send data to the IIS. The second was to approve a provider to use the vendor software (EHR) to send data into production.