Open Immunization Software - Spring 2016

Simple Message Mover

Simple Message Mover


The Simple Message Mover (SMM) is designed to move immunization messages to a state or local Immunization Information System (IIS). SMM acts as an adaptor to systems that are capable of creating HL7 messages and saving them to a local folder but are unable to transmit the data directly to the IIS. The SMM is simply responsible for moving the messages to the IIS and return the response back to the local system.

To accomplish this, SMM supports many different transport protocols, including:

Work continues to add native support in SMM for as many IIS as possible.

System Architecture

The Simple Message Mover is designed to work within a Java Servlet container, such as Apache Tomcat. The diagram below shows the system integration for the Indian Health Service (IHS) patient management system RPMS and how the SMM connects the RPMS immunization module (BYIM) to the State/Local Immunization Information System. Several important concepts are described in this diagram:


Development Status

The SMM is currently under active development and improvement. The next versions will add support for the following features: