Open Immunization Software - Spring 2016



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Chicago Training 2013

In April of 2013 a team of developers and quality assurance experts who develop and test Immunization Information System (IIS) HL7 interfaces met to be trained and to practice developing HL7 interfaces and HL7 interface testing plans. The results of the meeting are now being posted as part of an open source project.

Participants in the group self identified as either with development or quality assurance. These groups were further divided into teams of two, with one team having three. The development teams created a simple HL7 parser that was tasked with catching specific

Project Materials

Materials for the training:


This is a web application that includes work built by three the four development teams. Hosting the completed work was dependent on the teams choosing a Java solution and so the fourth teams .NET solution could not be hosted, although they did finish the assignment as well.

This work is checked into an open source project on source forge: OIS Training. The project can be checked out of the SVN repository and has a Maven POM file so it can be quickly built.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance group broke into four teams and created these test plans:

Training Group Members

Thank you to all the participants who made the training possible:

Training Staff