Open Immunization Software - Spring 2016


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Patient information comes from multiple sources and needs to be matched with the additional information from a different source.

Technical Road Map

WIR RunMatch Log Parser

This is the code that Eric Larson is working on that summarizes and pulls information from the runmatch logs that the WIR-base states create. Eric is looking to see if the Signature process that Rick Hall is putting together can be incorporated into this.

Signature Generator

This is code that Rick Hall is working on, it will take two potential patient matches and produce a signature that will give the characteristics of the data. This can then be used to generate a similar set of matches. This code needs to be standardized so that it can be used in all the Extractors to get example data out based on real data but that doesn't have patient identifiable information in it.

MCIR Extract

Gerry Bragg is working on a process for logging the MCIR matching process. This information can hopefully also be pulled into the project using the signature functionality.

Test Case Generator

Generates test cases using a two methods:

User Interface

There needs to be some kind of central user interface to allow access to the test cases. There is a lot of potential functions here and some of the areas shown in this diagram may or may not be included. We are not creating a real specific line yet on what exactly would be created and how it would be integrated. Some pieces might be loosely integrated at first. Some of the major functions include:

Verification System

Now that we have the test cases in a UI, it would be great to be able to submit them against some known matching systems, such as the OIS Matcher and the MatchWare Matcher configured to match on the CDC set. Are there other matchers we could integrate with? In addition the UI could contain a process to verify a test case set against a matcher to measure the performance. Some of this has already been done in the OIS Matcher. The MatchWare one must have a large range of functions that we could integrate with.

Test Case Database

All the test cases would be stored in the MySQL database. This would be the central repository of the work group test cases.

Google Doc: JUnit Guideline Document

MatchWare Updates

Rick Hall has put up a demo of what he has created.

OIS Matcher Project Updates

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